About Us

Bringing a competitive new product to market is hard. Engineers have to create something the world has never seen before, and they have to be absolutely sure that it will work 100% of the time. How do you effectively manage this risk? Failure to do so will have serious consequences: production delays, lost contracts, failure in the field, expensive recalls, reputational damage; the list goes on.

We refer to simulation by many different names — CAE, FEA, CFD, numerical analysis, virtual testing, or prototyping — but it all means one thing: better engineering decision-making through computer prediction.

Don’t design in the dark. FEA SIM TECH is a large FEA portfolio provides accurate and comprehensive engineering guidance to reliably improve engineering outcomes. Our analysts have multi-decade careers in simulation consulting across many industries, and that experience and expertise is yours to take advantage of.

FEA-Competence : Overview